Label: Fiction Release date: 24/05/10 Link: Myspace The Woe Betides must have some of the most colourful names in pop and new single ‘Sylvia’ is equally as colourful. Firstly you have founding members Simon Mastrantone and Grundy le Zimbra, but these pale into insignificance thanks to the drummer Colonel Sexlife – not his real name, just a guess. The single ‘Sylvia’ provides some serious pounding pop rock that certainly blows away any of the proverbial cobwebs. The words “Sylvia you’re a terrible person but I’ll never love anyone else” drone along beautifully with the thrashing guitars. The sound is indie but with a little more bite and there is definitely a nod to American skater rock within this song. It’s the kind of music you can imagine was floating out of band practices in suburban garages circa 1992 but in a good way. Photobucket