Label:  Universal / Genepool Release Date: March 23rd Website:  http:// Four talented musicians, from four very different parts of the world come together in London, they decide to take on the world with their rock n’ roll band. What comes next should be a variety of fireworks where each member, each distinct element fuses and forms something momentous, original and exciting.

Well not necessarily.

As an artist, whenever you boldly display your influences you need to be extremely careful not to enter into the murky realm of honest pastiche. The Wow Signal’s front man Andrew Mangold provides a valiant Bowie impression (though admittedly not as good as Stevie Riks) throughout Infinity’s Lobby. His band also play their part. “Tonight Matthew we are going to be a slightly chirpier Tin Machine”. It’s not just that, every song on the album is devoid of originality. There are riffs aplenty for sure, be they borrowed, stole or recycled. However this is grotty nouveau pub rock, worse than The Peth. Music from the kind of band that has played covers for a few months and then one sunny afternoon decided to give it a shot, take a risk and write some of their ‘own’ songs. This might still work in Shoreditch where the band is based, the capital of dreams and delusions. ‘Purr Right’ sets things off; it’s very retro, very Britpop. ‘Infinity’s Lobby’ begins almost exactly like Muse’s ‘Plug in Baby’ with that horrible swirl of feedback, before settling into a riotous stomp. ‘The Other Help of Myself’ is reminiscent of excitable Canadian pop punk band Billy Talent. ‘Debunked’ is a slow burner, which sounds like Radio Birdman. ‘Silbury Street’ showcases the weakness of Andrew Mangold’s vocals, rendering his lyrics inaudible, a familiar theme on the album.  ‘Still Hurting’ is another drowsy number; I can honestly say it is one of the blandest, most nondescript songs that I have ever heard. It doesn’t get any better during the final quarter of the album, The Wow Signal supplies crap lyrics “I declare war on my furniture today / home decorating never meant much to me anyway” on ‘The Little Things in Life’. They provide a song which channels the bloated rock guff of U2 in the shape of ‘All You Will Discover’. But what they don’t provide is that one song that we can say is “all right actually”. You know like Jet’s ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’ or ‘Harmonic Generator’ by The Datsuns, detestable retro bands that have produced something likeable. Having something redeemable in your armoury is still a decent selling point that will fill moderately sized tour venues and maybe sell the odd album or two.   It would be wrong to completely poo- poo The Wow Signal, there is an audience for this kind of music. Now it’s time for the band to escape from London, go out on the open road and find them. 4/10