Label: Xtra Mile Recordings Ltd Release date: 04/10/10 Link: Myspace Buy/Stream: Amazon/Spotify Label: Xtra Mile Recordings Ltd Release date: 04/10/10 Link: Myspace The Xcerts’ second full-length, Scatterbrain had a lot to live up to after their debut In The Cold Wind We Smile last year was such a hit. It gained them a lot of attention and after their relentless touring, they took a break to head to America to record with legendary producer Mike Sapone. Sapone boasts albums from bands such as Brand New, Taking Back Sunday and many more, as The Xcerts are the first British band to record under him they certainly had something special in them. Approaching this album with small steps and not wanting to rush into it due to the admiration for the first album, and being afraid that the sound would have changed too much, quickly proved to be the wrong and cynical approach. With the intro track screeching in gearing you up for what the band have said to be their more angrier and dark side, you get the picture from the first minute of title track ‘Scatterbrain’ that the band have changed direction, with quite a leap forwards rather than sideways or backwards. ‘Distant Memory’ brings a familiar calmness, with a pace and beat that fits in with the debut, yet has a more distorted and heavier feel to it that the second album has promised to bring. Not to say that is bad though mind, as it still rises and dips in every way you want it to and more. The next track ‘Gum’ is a more calm and warm affair, the ordering of which couldn’t be better as ‘Slackerpop’ shows The Xcerts at their most energised and ruckus. In a change of mood and direction again, ‘He Sinks. He Sleeps’ pops up and shows that the band have experimented with this album and have pushed themselves, with a beat that gets you rocking and with one of the most catchy chorus’ of the album this will be one to burst your lungs to live. The haunting, cold eerie track ‘Lament’ closes the album, demonstrating Murray Macleod at his most emotional and fragile, with calming guitar drawing you in and rounding off the album with a satisfaction that they have ticked the list of boxes from the first album, rewritten the list and given you everything you wanted and more. Scatterbrain is a very exciting record, one that demonstrates the progression of The Xcerts and that their hard work is paying off. The journey that the album takes you through is clear, with the bands quiet-loud-quiet layout apparent throughout the album. Mike Sapone has also captured the bands sound perfectly, bringing out the raw emotion and feeling that The Xcerts deliver live so strongly. Surpassing their debut by far, Scatterbrain leaves you wanting more, wondering where they go from here and how long it is until these boys find success. Photobucket