Label: Xtra Mile Recordings Release date: 27/09/10 Link: myspace Buy/Stream: Amazon/Spotify After releasing the single ‘Slackerpop’ and giving away B Side ‘Let’s Run’ for free, the Scottish/Exeter trio are back with newest single ‘Young (Belane)’. Being such a big fan of The Xcerts debut album, I have edged towards the new material in the fear that it will be off on some complete different new edge that isn’t the band I fell in love with so much last year. Listening to the new track ‘Young (Belane)’ on first listen, it was good, it wasn’t great, and I didn’t rave about it. Despite this I persisted and carried on listening, and if any track I’ve heard before is a ‘grower’ – it’s this one, and now the aforementioned raving is certainly apparent. After a fair few listens I was singing along, and felt once again that The Xcerts had pulled it off and had restored my confidence that the album Scatterbrain would not disappoint. With the new track there is also a feel that the band have somehow become tighter than they already were, and ‘Young (Belane)’ also delivers in the department of ‘live sense’, if it’s at all possible to capture one of the best live and most emotional bands I’ve seen for a long time onto record. Photobucket