Artist: The Young Playthings Release: Back To The Future Out: Now Buy: Amazon Well, let's face it, if you go and name your album after a classic cult movie, it has to be good right? Unfortunately, the second studio album from Oxford's Young Playthings doesn't quite compare to it's Hollywood namesake. There are tracks on here which are OK, jangly-guitar and power pop-tastic 'Bateman' isn't a bad opener and 'Some Badness Goes On' certainly isn't awful either, however sadly the same can't be said for disco-funky 'I Like Yr Name In My Blackberry' that's just a little bit too far down the Jamiroquai path for my taste and just look at that title. Text speak rears it's very, very ugly head on four of the ten tracks on the album and that just alienates me a little even without hearing some of the instantly forgettable tracks hiding beneath. Here's opening track 'Bateman' to give you a flavour of what's on show:
01 Bateman.mp3 by Smalltown America Records Going beyond my (fairly lax) grammatical prejudices the truth is that the music on show on this record doesn't really grab me enough to make me care and leaves me a little hollow and cold in a simlar fashion to fellow indie popsters The Wombats or The Enemy. The jingle jangle power pop of 'Back To The Future' is sadly lacking. It's not bad per se, it's just not very good. It just seems to be missing that special something. Instead of offering a radioactive powered Delorean, with 'Back To The Future', The Young Playthings offer up something more akin to an unleaded Ford Fiesta. It's fine. It's functional. It does the job, it just doesn't do it in a stylish and spectacular fashion. Track To Download: 'Some Badness Goes On' Track To Skip: 'I Like Yr Name In My Blackberry' Pigeonhole with: The Wombats Twitter Review: 'Rather than offering a nuclear Delorean, in 'Back To The Future' The Young Playthings serve up something closer to an unleaded Ford Fiesta.' 4/10

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