Release Date: Out Now Website: Field Studies is the first ever collaboration between Texan quartet This Will Destroy You and Brooklyn duo Lymbyc Systym. Released back in September of last year, the 5 track EP is an appetizingly atmospherical showcase of what both bands bring to the ambient table. It has to be said that I've always been semi reluctant to give instrumental bands a undivided listen in the past, being a firm subscriber to the belief that good music is nothing without meaningful and heartfelt lyrics - and to a certain extent I'll always still stick by that definition. Field Studies however, much like the rest of TWDY and Lymbyc Systym's music, does a thorough job in substituting the lyrical motions I would otherwise conform to, with a balance of sincere strings, organic distortion (as best heard in Freedom Blade) tumbling drums and dramatic percussion - that all seem to have a very life affirming sense woven into their fabric. The very essence of Field Studies evokes a strong feeling of a triumphant journey; which can be heard parading through each track. Closing your eyes for a moment will  almost have you feeling like you have taken flight, being lead by the hand through vast, preserved habitats and across distant lands and seas. Being that there are no lyrics, you are given the freedom to re create your own personal pilgrimage every time you listen. But besides all that, Field Studies is an album you can simply enjoy just for its sheer musical aesthetics. I personally would have liked to have been given 3 tracks from each band, rather then the 3-2 ratio Lymbyc receives, but nevertheless 5 tracks provide an exquisite taste of what two tremendous bands can produce when they are put on the same album. If you're a fan of both TWDY and Lymbyc System, then I urge you to check this out - you will not be disappointed, the same goes for fans of ambient instrumental bands to. Rating: 8/10