Label: Osaka Recordings Release Date: 1/11/10 Official Website: Official Site Buy: Amazon The album New Thoughts by Thread Pulls begins as it means to go on, with Eerie Eastern synths and attention-seeking percussion. The Irish band have previously released four EPs with the label Ninepoint, but now have moved to Osaka to make a full album of their minimalistic brand of 'Other' genre music. Trance-like from the off, New Thoughts cannot really be called an album of distinct tracks, more a mélange of electronic sounds and instrument clips on loops, and cries and calls of male vocals over the top. It's difficult to distinguish any tracks as better or worse than those either side, though not because of disinterest. Well, maybe a little because of disinterest, but mostly because every track has been stripped down to a few main lines, with percussion, echoing vocals, synth/instrument loops and a bass guitar. Each layer is uncomplicated and does not effect the others greatly. There are moments on this album which resemble Sonic Youth's early albums, in their atonal simplicity, and moments in the vocals which clearly draw on the innovative drawls of Mark E. Smith. These moments, however, are considerably less inspired, never straying from the easiest option in harmony (the thirds in 'No Sound'). The lyrics, as far as I can hear, are quite repetitive - the voice has little melody or charisma, so there is nothing to give you a reason to listen to the words. This could be a little harsh: it is not a bad voice, just favours a monotonous style which is hard to listen to for long passages. More than anything, New Thoughts may be chill-out music, music for the come down. It's not really for much else, although the titles and artwork give me an aching suspicion that Thread Pulls are trying to be some kind of 'in thing'. Admittedly, they are similar to Foals, an arty band who managed to be the 'in thing' recently, but most people would choose Foals in preference, I reckon. Perhaps this album would be improved by a few more band members. Photobucket