Label:Instinctive Racoon / Euponios UK Release date: May 31, 2010 Link: Myspace Sound of the Storm, the new album by Three Blind Wolves, is an explosion of classy alt-country, exploring the strengths of the genre while still changing the pace from time to time. The album opens introspectively, with 'Hotel', which slowly burns its way, culminating with a “woo!” that crosses over to 'Black bowl park', a hoe-down song that is pure alt-country rock. All elements are there: reverb, a catchy guitar hook and some slide guitar. After slowing down the whole she-bang for 'Emily Rose' (the “love song” with a cheeky sense of humour), the mood changes from country saloons to old fifties diners with 'Hopeless Romantic', the very retro and stylish throwback to malt shops that Three Blind Wolves have in store (check the lovely “whoa-oh-oh” in the mid of the song). A bit of a change of pace from the alt-country, and a great moment. 'Captain of the ship' is the gloomy song of the bunch, maybe the last song of the band as it sinks into goodbye. A great rhythmic base with the appropriate pauses peppered in between. Like 'Emily Rose', though, the mood changes by the end, inevitably going into a rock territory. Mish mashing all genres and styles is the album closer, 'Three Blind Wolves', which although being a bit repetitive in lyrics, makes up in energetic rhythm. All in all, an enjoyable romp of alt-country. A good start for a band that could grow into a powerful force in the alt-country scene. Photobucket