Hey there! My name's Nick. I'm from Wellington, New Zealand, and I'll be writing a fortnightly post about bands from NZ that you might not have heard of, but who are definitely worth checking out. So, without any further ado: Tiger Tones. New Zealand was no exception to the new-rave phenomena that gripped the music world a while back. Overnight the music scene here became crowded with electro-punk bands that used crazy synths, chips and loops to create exciting new indie music. Unlike some, I’m not going to start shouting from the rooftops that I’m glad dance-punk has gone so out of vogue, because I loved it. A lot. One of the bands that sprung up during this time was Tiger Tones. However they're far from a novelty act. Sure, they’ve got the prerequisite choppy guitar riffs and contrasting synths that continue to characterize the sub-genre: however their music expands considerably upon the basic new-rave template. Where other bands threw a few catchy hooks in with some siren sounds, Tiger Tones followed in the footsteps of NZ label-mates The Shocking Pinks, creating intelligent pop music that’s also intensely danceable.

The band toured NZ on the strength of a few singles, and were subsequently nominated for best new act at the 2007 bNet awards. A full length, self-titled LP followed earlier this year, and it fulfils promises made both by the early singles, and by the bands forceful live performances. ‘Macho Italian Boys’, ‘I Love You But I Hate You But I'm Just Not Sure’ and ‘Let’s Get Minced’ utilize thick bass lines and repetitive, Nick Harte-esque hi-hat beats to make you shake about, while later tunes such as ‘Giorgio, What Have You Done To Me?’ and ‘Dismay’ recall the Manchester post-punk and rave scenes. But, despite how this might sound, Tiger Tones have made an album that doesn’t sound a tired pastiche of the 80’s; rather they’ve incorporated the best parts of it, whilst remaining original enough to be relevant.

Listening to the Tiger Tones is like listening to New Order, The Fall, The Rapture and My Bloody Valentine, all at the same time. Listening to the Tiger Tones make me wish I could dance without looking like a complete idiot, but it also makes me not care.