Words and Photography: Tim Boddy

Now there’s a band name to catch the attention. Well, particularly for myself as it includes my own name three times, being the egomaniacal type of chap I am. Having been looking forward to their residency at The Big Chill House due to start two weeks ago, the gig was postponed due to the… ermmm... Big Chill, the affable Tim and Sam stranded in North Wales. Look up ‘Irony’ in the dictionary and you will see it’s smirking face telling you this story. Fast-forward two weeks, and this becomes their first of now three gigs at the North London Venue; A venue that fits the subtle ambient sound of Tim and Sam, its relaxed atmosphere a fitting tie-in.

Put Your Slippers On opens proceedings, a track that rouses and sounds akin to half a warm, nostalgic kids TV theme tune, and half a piece of particularly melodic Sigur Ros. As the band stroll around stage, instruments are swapped and mutli-talented band members interchange, flowing as freely as their music. Wind-instruments trade with xylophones, keyboards with percussion; the only constant being the vocals which remain absent throughout, of course the band being an instrumental - in every sense of the word. Often a tough ‘genre’ to pull off live, Tim and Sam have the stirring gorgeous tones to deftly pull it off, managing to translate well from their EP’s.

The finale sees an injection of energy with three of the band crowding round the drum kit, appearing to thrash the living daylights out of it. There’s even time for two encores, lady-time being in a generous mood. A slight disappointment is the slightly lacklustre nature of the crowd; I know it IS called the Big Chill House, but still. Also honourable mentions go to support acts Wise Children and Babel; Wise Children proving lyrically deft: “As I climb into you conscious and haul out the words from inside.” And the promising Babel for getting the event in a more swinging frame of mind.

With two more shows left at the venue on March 3rd in a fortnights time and then on March 17th, I urge you to haul yourself down there. A lovely Tuesday evening condiment. Nearly as lovely as their matching primary coloured jumpers, sticking to just the right side of twee; Similar to that of the sound of Tim and Sam.