In recent years Canadian musical exports have been nothing short of astonishing, with the likes of Arcade Fire, Death From Above 1979, Fucked Up and Crystal Castles all coming from the other side of the Atlantic. However, there now seems to be an addition to the ever-expanding roster from Canada's pool of musical talent. The band in question are moody, folk-blues group Timber Timbre, who although released their debut album in 2009, look set to become the newest musical mastermind from across the pond.

Creep On, Creepin' On is Timber Timbre's latest album and sees the group following on from their more folk in-fused 2009 self-titled album, with the wonderful Arts & Crafts records, home too Broken Social Scene, Fiest and Phoenix, releasing it.

Opening with a simple piano and laid-back shuffling beat Creep On, Creepin' On sees the group continue into their world of dark blues-tinged-folk, but this time we see the band delve further into a cacophony of dark and demeaning atmospheres. Not only does Creep On, Creepin' On see Timber Timbre move their folk and blues sound into a more sinister and darker place than previous records, it also sees them explore and flow into a more accomplished and together sound, with the addition of soundscape styled moments, such as the instrumental track 'Obelisk', that consist of sounds you could easily find on a Heinali and Matt Finney track or immersed on a moonlit Clint Mansell sci-fi soundtrack.

The mood and feel for the album is set from the very first stroke of the keys, with the music gliding in and out of piano-led, moody, shuffling rhythm and blues grooves. Combining haunting vocals, intertwining dark sounds, wistful wordplay and imaginative arrangements, you discover that there are not just moments of folk and American blues influence, but moments that flicker with the elements of Tom Waits, making you wonder if this is how Mr. Waits would sound if he had harnessed a more lo-fi wistful pop edge.

This isn't an album where you will find melodies upon melodies, wrapped and engulfed around hook upon hook. It is an album where each track is as equal and as majestic as the previous, an album that is a glorious emotion felt album that constructs moods and atmospheres at its will; flowing, swelling and growing from start to finish. Ultimately, it is an album in which you will become lost and absorbed in, especially on a late hazy, sunny-summer evening.