With four mixtapes already released in the last twelve months, it's fair to say that still-teenaged Chicago MC and singer Tink has plenty of material to share with us. From the debut of Winter's Diary at the start of 2013 through to this summer's strutting Boss Up, with props from the likes of How To Dress Well (Tom Krell added a stunning verse to 'Can I'), Trinity Home - for that be what her mom calls her - is fast carving out a name for herself as the hottest new rapper-cum-R&B chanteuse on the scene. Winter's Diary 2 will do nothing to dent the rise of Tink.

While her debut was for the most part sultry and seductive R&B influenced as much by TLC and SWV as her idol Beyoncé, the follow-up Alter Ego unleashed her inner Nicki Minaj; standing up to the haters Tink spits out rhymes with the best of them - imagine if all Nicki M did was stuff like her verse on 'Monster', wouldn't that be ace? Well, thanks to Tink you don't need to wonder anymore. From here on in, Blunts & Ballads and Boss Up mixed the crooning with the rapping, and Winter's Diary 2 seems like the natural conclusion to the cycle and also the best work she's given us so far.

The first half of the mixtape keeps the focus on R&B; seductive without ever being saccharine, Tink body rocks us from the moment the confident opener 'Fly Away' mixes muscular beats with her soulful voice, and boy does Tink have a voice. It's classically R&B, coming from deep and a refreshing change from hearing so many singers recently going for an airier pitch. Not that Tink can't do the high notes: she definitely can, and her range is expressed beautifully on the acoustic snap-and-click balladry of 'Treat Me Like Somebody'. The awesome one-two punch of 'Freak Like Me' and 'When It Rains' are simply fantastic, the best examples of the R&B side of Tink's persona so far, aided by choice production from some of Chi-Town's best (Lil Herb and AKA TK feature elsewhere).

The best moments come when Tink starts to MC; the Alicia Keys sampling 'Your Secrets' starts the introduction of the rapping on this mixtape. The bravado on show is more Angel Haze than Nicki Minaj - it's serious MCing, no hiding behind cartoon personas and it's all the better for it. 'Talkin' About' is brilliantly aggressive posturing, spitting out "Fuck that Gucci / man look how you do me / You think a designer make up for that shit? / I buy my own Prada / man, that's not the problem / The problem is you too caught up with that bitch." If anything, there aren't quite enough moments like this on the tape, but that only serves to make these tracks all the sweeter.

By working with Pro Era crew affiliates Future Brown, Tink is already thinking ahead and preparing for a future outside of Chicago and well she might too. Winter's Diary 2 could, and should, pave the way for an irresistible debut album proper.