Label: Self-Released Release date: Out Now Website: Myspace This EP doesn't really have enough quirkiness to write an introductory paragraph. From the first track, 'Sort It Out', it's pretty generic indie rock, with vocals and hooks very like Blood Red Shoes and chord progressions very like Franz Ferdinand. 'Dance With Me' sounds like The Strokes. 'Repetition' sounds like The Young Knives. 'Stop Talking' stands out to me as the catchiest track, though all of the tracks are similar to each other, and similar to everything else in the history of poppy indie rock. I'm being harsh. Tiny Tigers have written some decent hooks here melody-wise, and they are following (very closely) in the footsteps of some good artists. With a little more production, this could be a hit on the country's indie dancefloors - linear dance beats, everyday lyrics and simple melodies. Even when quite dull, the songs make you tap along, nod along and sing along, which I suppose was the intention. At least it isn't adhering to the fashion of sticking some synths over crap music to make it 'avant-garde', but I can't help but feel it is a few years too late to be trendy and a few years to early to kick start a post-punk movement again. If Tiny Tigers can find themselves a quirk, or anything to make themselves a little different, they might come back with music more saisfying, that we haven't all heard before. 6/10 Rating: 6/10