Label: Domino Release date: 29/03/10 Link: Myspace To Rococo Rot (TRR), consisting of Stefan Schneider and brothers Ronald and Robert Lippok, have been making their strange style of electronic beats holding up simple base lines and plain melodies for nearly 10 years now and this, their eighth album seems to be where this particular style of light melodic instruments bobbing and weaving in and out of the sharp rhythm reaches its peak. Photobucket The first track of Speculation ,’Away’, by the Berlin-based trio might surprise a few of you who are fans of the band and are used to their slightly abstract and unconventional style. It first appears that the band have opted for a more popular style and more accessible beats. The new album appears to continue along this path until the fifth track, when the strangeness of the band's early days are suddenly sprung on us again in the form of ‘No Way To Prepare’. This 32 second bridge between the relatively mainstream tracks ‘Horse’ and ‘Working Against Time' acts as a clarion call to keep the interest and attention of the listener. It does seem to pull you out of the comfortable state the first half of the album puts you in so that you are fully engaged for the second half. Penultimate track ‘Bells’ plays very nicely, again unlike the early work of TRR. This song seems to be the most influenced by pop music and although it isn't as interesting as some of the other songs on the album it is very melodic and easy to listen to. The final 10-minute-journey of ‘Friday’ is more of the traditional style of the band (though that's a highly relative term when describing TRR!) and is a fitting close. The entire album is a journey in itself and to break it apart and look into each song as a singular piece of music is not what it was intended for. To truly experience the album you have to listen to it from beginning to end and see it as one big story. Only then can you really experience it as it should be experienced. Photobucket