Label: Anticon Records Release date: 11/10/10 Link: MySpace There’s not a lot to be said about Tobacco, a one man electronic act from America who doesn’t like people to know who he is or what he is really all about. He keeps himself to himself and seemingly just focuses on the music. If you can get away with it and still get recognised then why not? And he certainly has been recognised if he is now working with someone who is probably one of his biggest idols in the music world. Supposedly his favourite album of all time is Beck’s ‘Mellow Gold’, and previously he has remixed the 2007 Beck single ‘Timebomb’, so to work with Mr Hansen again on his own track ‘Fresh Hex’ must have been an extremely positive move in the mind of the mysterious Tobacco. The song is short coming in a little over a minute and a half, but it is straight to the point. There is an unpolished analogue sound about ‘Fresh Hex’, filled with distorted drum tracks and grainy synths. The vocal line that Beck sent to be used is cut and spliced beyond recognition, sounding more like another instrumental part than a vocal at times. The whole package is filthy, aggressive and extremely quirky. It’s a shame that it is over so quickly though and I would never normally recommend spending money buying a song that is so short no matter how good it is. But from what I’ve heard of Tobacco’s album Maniac Meat it isn’t all on a par with this single, so I am going to make an exception to this rule here. If you’re a fan of Beck and/ or dirty synths then give ‘Fresh Hex’ a go, it’s nearly worth every penny. Photobucket