Do you ever find yourself being driven crazy when listening to a record because it reminds you of some other outfit so much, but you cant think who it is? Well after a few days it hit me that TPC sound just like Yank soft rockers ‘Longwave’. Hooray! At last I remembered! However, my rejoicing was to be short lived as this only proved to make me wish I was instead listening to said soft rockers. You see the long awaited debut by these Canadian Indie chaps doesn’t necessarily do anything wrong, but doesn’t do whole lot to trigger the excitement nerve either.At times such as on ‘In a cave’ and recent single ‘Tessellate’, Elephant Shell comes on like a long player that could end up being a most satisfying listen with the benefit of repeated listens.Yet after giving it a multitude of spins, the album seems to show it is armed largely with a mere simple charm.Charm and a chirpy yet chilled sound is nice but for me nice is where it ends.This is a great shame as you cant help but think they never allow themselves to get going (longest track a whopping 3:12). No sooner has your foot started an involuntary tapping motion, its all over and onto the next short sharp offering.When spun for the final time, I cant actually say I dislike the album but am none the less wallowing in complete indifference towards it. In short this is the Frank Bruno of albums, tones of potential but look deeper and ultimately lacking that knock out punch to fulfil its full potential. For those of you who know not of New York’s Longwave, you should check them out.They’re not exactly the Mike Tyson of the rock world, but crucially they have tunes (got some decent ‘hooks’ too - arf arf).That’s right tunes, with plenty of those catchy bits between verses.Personally that’s why I listen to music, with the hope that those lovely little melodies will embed themselves in my psyche for me to repeat at a later time as impromptu karaoke in the shower.Does that make me a musical simpleton who should hold more appreciation for the finer workings of TPC’s clearly proficient instrument playing and lullaby vocals? Maybe, but it is of course down to you dear listener, if The Shins ‘Wincing the night away’ made you smile from ear to ear then crack open the Elephant Shell, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy it.However if something with a tad more meat on the bone is required in order for you to break a sweat, then hold your fire Officer, as for now it seems these Japanese Cops are firing blanks.