Label: Fat Cat Release date: RELEASE DATE (Out Now!) Website: Buy: Amazon Posthumous success is Brosseau's third album on Brighton label Fatcat. He's got a lot to live up to as far as I'm concerned as his previous offerings have been some of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. His voice is something a world away from your usual singer/songwriter and his lyrics conjour up romantic, American, small town landscapes with battered up old el caminos and chivalrous young men. This is a guy that you actually believe has come from another time. I was most disappointed when I found out he actually lives in LA now and probably drinks Starbucks while checking his Blackberry. Anyway, back to the album. The opener 'My Favourite Colour Blue' appears twice, the first version being his stripped down usual cowboy style and the last being a bit more 'rock'. Well 'rock' is a bit adventurous. It mentions a recurring dream Tom has featuring Dave Grohl been wrapped in rusty chains.. "I think I'm supposed to free him, but I don't have the brains".... Aside from his more interesting lyric choices there are some nice instrumental songs on the album, 'Miss Lucy' is a lovely soundtrack to a sunny day, but it could have been anyone. Tom is all about the voice for me. Songs like 'Been True' and 'Drum Roll' are two that I particularly love and really work with the bigger band sound. Others like 'Big Time' and 'You Don't know my Friends' just sound quite weak, and reliant on the presence of a drum-kit, or a bit of distortion to distract from that weakness. Posthumous Success seems a bit disjointed and less of a journey, maybe this is because it was recorded by two different producers on two different coasts of America using more of a band lineup. Compared to Cavalier , for instance, which was recorded in John Parish's Bristol studio in a week with pretty much just him and a geetar. I get the feeling the romantisicm and storytelling in his previous albums has been replaced by something more cynical and unsure. Poor Tom has been jaded a bit I think. Maybe he should have waited a bit longer to put this one out. Rating: 6.5/10 MP3: Tom Brosseau - Been True