Tomas Barfod has been making dance-oriented pop hooks for years. Having previously made up one-half of Danish electronica duo Filur as well as being the drummer for dance-rock outfit WhoMadeWho, Baford has more recently been producing slinky electronic dance music under his own name. Recently switching Denmark for LA has led to Barfod holing up inside of the studio to concentrate on creating personal, emotionally reflective electronica in the same vein of his heroes Massive Attack and Portishead, but with a more defined European pop-edge.

Opening track 'Pulsing' is representative of what had led to Barfod being such a sought after and admired pop producer. The track is simple and uncluttered, focussing on what makes the song flourish and allowing that one aspect to thrive above all else. The galloping vocal delivery of Swedish singer Nina Kinert is the blood that courses through the extricate veins of the track, animating the sound into a full and fleshy organism. It's more sleek and slender than Barfod's previous collaborations with Kinert, sacrificing some of the naive intrigue of his early work, but certainly more memorable.

Whilst some of that zip and sprightliness might now be making way for a more glacial, chrome-like sound, 'Happy' is testament to Barfod's continued positivity and progression. Having been labelled as an "eternal optimist" by his wife, Barfod sets out creating a track that takes the subject of a diminishing friendship circle through AIDs, drug overdoses, car accidents and suicides and enlists the vocals of Eddie Chacon to pragmatically claim that he's going to remain happy and optimistic despite these terrors of age. Imagine 'Someone Great' by LCD Soundsystem reconstructed for the LA club scene.

'Tea Cup' and 'Value of Feint' act as purely textural and compositional interludes. Barfod, clearly working with spontaneous abandon, works instinctively to create ambient auras of sound rather than attempting to angle in any of those well-worked, finely constructed pop hooks. 'Tea Cup' is dark and broody, yet could easily fill some neon splattered club during the early hours of the morning, whilst 'Value of Feint' possesses a more uplifting sentiment; a joyous sunrise moment breaking through the haze of dawn.

Despite the obligatory lead single remix adding nothing to general proceedings, Pulsing seems like a definite, progressive step for Tomas Barfod. The title track in particular sees him aiming his creative javelin towards a more streamlined, glistening personal vision of electro-pop.