Label: Carpark Records Release date: (18/07/10) Link: Myspace On 'Leave Everywhere' Toro Y Moi, the stage name of Chaz Bundick, moves away from the sound of summer 2009 with which he became eponymous and instead brings us a track that already feels like the sound of summer 2010. Possibly more mainstream than previous efforts this evokes feelings of bbqs on a beach, people laughing in open top Cadillacs and many more tired summer cliches. That is not to describe the music itself as tired though as Toro Y Moi's new direction is refreshing and a great way to show off his multi-talents. Try listening to it without tapping your foot. You won't be able to. Don't stick to just the A-side either. 'First Date' on the reverse reminds me of a more cheery, warmer Twin Peaks theme. Take that as you wish. Photobucket