Total Slacker, a name that somewhat gives the game away. What we have here is an album that makes very little effort to be loved as it lopes through the speakers with a dismissive shrug.

There's a clear template to a Total Slacker song, which is followed by the majority of the tracks on Slip Away. Reverb-heavy guitars pile into a tasty riff, verses come and go with repetitive lyrics that suggest Tucker Rountree is bored of being in this band, before a heavy instrumental 'chorus' is hammered into the middle of the song. Then more verses, and another instrumental chorus, and the end.

One exception to this template comes in 'Fight the Babysitter's Boyfriend', during which the words of the title are repeated six times in each chorus. What I was doing while listening to it was fighting the urge to hear the words as "If I could maybe be Santa's boyfriend." My excuse is that Rountree sloughs off his vocals throughout this album in the style of Thurston Moore, comparisons with whom are utterly unavoidable.

These 12 songs instil a feeling of dismissiveness - if they can't be bothered, neither can I. What makes you keep coming back are the damn riffs - opener 'Out of Body Experience' and 'U Ever Been Satisified?' are fine examples, proper air guitar stuff. The band's self-described genre is 'slimegaze', and it's not a bad description for the sounds they can make but it's not enough, damn it, it's just not enough.

Rountree and David Tassy have constructed some excellent tunes here that deserve to be on a much better record, or at least to have some lyrics around them that inject a bit of feeling. You just can't ignore the lyrics. Once you've finished fighting the pesky boyfriend, you have 'Who Killed Kennedy', that reads like a rant by a bored Alex Jones ("Oswald didn't do it! It was an inside job!"), 'I Don't Want To Be A Yuppie' (those seven words repeated often - well, don't then) and some total bollocks about a Thighmaster. It's really quite trying.

Slip Away is a decent album, but it makes me quite cross. Somewhere in here is a magnificently talented band who could make something very special indeed if they could only be arsed. Repetition and lack of imagination hamper the album and prevent it hitting the heights it could. But then Total Slacker probably couldn't give a toss anyway.