The new single from Welsh hotly tipped acoustic 'gems' Toy Horses is an unfortunate disaster. If I was to be incredibly charitable I might try and describe the band as sounding like a more miserable and less exciting Mumm-Ra. The track itself, the plainly named 'And It Was You' is a despondent, dreary and uninspiring ballad. The limited selection of instruments (a piano, guitar and violin over a lifeless drum beat) add to this dismal and dull tone while the lyrics are annoyingly obvious, such as "The older he gets if he gets there at all" and do the track no favours. At its best, it sounds like it was written by some overenthusiastic music students for a secondary School musical.

I was expecting the tone to change half way into a "happy, life can be better, I'm not giving up" kind of chorus, which although is predictable and irritating, I was robbed of, and the dreary melancholic tones continued till the end.

Yet despite my absolute abhorrence of the track, Toy Horses seem to be doing something right, forging a name for themselves from seemingly nowhere. The band without any self promotion was selected by US radio guru Nic Harcourt to play at his SXSW showcase and Wilco's Ken Coomer contacted the band personally offering to produce their debut album. I wait in earnest to see what is released next.