Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Reviewed On: PS3

There are not many sounds in the media galaxy that are instantly recognisable. The sound of Recognisers in Tron is one of them; their shrieking horn that can only be mimicked by the Inception horn was always a precursor to their inevitable appearance. Another sound familiar throughout all media is that of a career going southwards. We knew, Lindsay Lohan. WE all knew before it happened that you were going to end up in jail. It was the sound of failure. Finally, the whirring sounds of a Transformer transforming has survived time, space and Michael Bay's hapless fist trying to pound it to a pulp, to remain as such a familiar sound.

PhotobucketTransformers: Fall of Cybertron is everything that the child in you wanted; The ability to stomp around Cybertron laying waste to robots is the realisation of every childhood dream. The game begins with the Autobots trying to leave Cybertron in the pursuit of Energon; Obviously the Decepticons have other ideas and end up potentially dooming the race. From this point on, this review is completely spoiler free. The reason behind this is that if you are any bit of a transformer fan, then the game’s set pieces and surprises will make you grin like a cheshire cat.

Gameplay wise, the developers throw you right in at the deep end with the over the shoulder combat having to come to you naturally, otherwise you will find yourself repeating the opening mission. This is not the over an shoulder shooter as we know it Jim, this is Transformers style over the shoulder. Unlike Marcus Fenix, you really can’t ask Optimus Prime to bend down behind some cover and shoot wildly before quickly getting up and nailing a Decepticon. What you can ask him though is to switch his gun hand to find the right angle to use cover. This brings a tremendous amount of strategy into every shoot out, which is a refreshing addition to the usual ‘find cover, pop up, headshot’ repetition of most 3rd person shooters.

As a Transformer. you would expect to be tooled up to the nuts with an unlimited amount of ground moving weaponry, so it’s good to know that T:FOC doesn’t let you down there. It’s not Borderlands mental in terms of guns, but their names are enough to bring a tear to metallic eyes. The ‘Gear Shredder’ fires small gears at an alarming speed that they rip through your enemies ( best to use in close quarters for maximum impact) to the Mass Effect inspired Dimensional Decimator that rips a hole in time and space to cause your enemies damage (run into a group of them, drop it, run away. Works like a charm). This is all without actually using the greatest weapon at your disposal. Yourself.

Transformers transform. It’s an obvious truth. Just like milk goes sour. This does not take away any of the joy of turning yourself into the biggest weapon the game has to offer. Optimus Prime turns into a big rig, who is tooled up to the nines whilst....oh that would ruin it. Turning into your vehicular alter ego is a tactical, and also a life saving, strategy. Some battles are won easier when in vehicle form than when in walking/talking form.

Graphically, the game has a futuristic shine to it, but at times feels like there could have been a bit more effort put in. It stands ok next to current generation shooters, but the graphics should have pushed the bar, in my opinion.

PhotobucketMultiplayer mode is a joy. Running away from an enemy before theoretically flipping the bird whilst you transform into a plane is a pleasure that no other multiplayer experience could rival. Top that off with the ability to customise and create your own transformer, and the multiplayer experience will hold your attention for a while. Sadly, in this age of Battlefield and COD, the multiplayer arena has sometimes been empty, even with this being only a few weeks after the game’s release; Not a good sign.

The only disappointing aspect of the multiplayer is the lack of game modes available. There are 4 modes and 10 maps available from launch, with DLC obviously expanding this, but that will depend on fan interaction.

Overall, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a very enjoyable experience. At times it is excruciatingly tough and will test your stubbornness to beat sections, but this is what makes it all the more satisfying. Success Kid Meme action occurs. As a purchase, I would say wait for it to drop in price before committing, but when you do commit, be prepared to be blown away.