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I hate to admit it, but upon the unveiling of 'Cloudkicker', the solitary glimpse of No Peace, Trash Talk's forthcoming fifth full-length offering, I developed a sick fascination in sifting through countless comments, spewed across YouTube and SoundCloud, and smirking to myself. Recently recruited by Odd Future Records (yes, the brainchild of those Golf Wang hoodlums), many of their followers seem unaware of hardcore's historic affiliation with hip-hop - and they expressed their distaste in amusing fashion.

Not that Lee Spielman and his fellow hell raisers give a fuck. Their reputation has been precariously built on volatile teen angst and bruising live shows, cracked foundations that threaten to crumble at any time, but simply add to the unpredictability of it all.

If 119 felt oddly lacking in identity, unusually reserved, possibly suffering from the band struggling to find a firm foothold within a new label, No Peace is the band's most successful effort at bottling their trademark live intensity and translating it to record. Their somewhat one dimensional formula, a criticism from many observers, feels reinvigorated due to welcome guest spots from Wiki and, erm, King Krule, as well as The Alchemist providing intriguing production on 'Reprieve' and the scratchy, instrumental stomp of 'Amnesiatic'. There's even a stab at conventional song structure lurking within 'Locked In Skin', a coy flirt with the mainstream, that may send diehard fans scrabbling for the pause button.

Aside from that, it is business as usual, 'Body Stuffer' and 'Leech' hurtle past at eye watering speed, a bone-shattering flail of bloodied fists and battered headbutts, while 'The Great Escape' somehow thrashes with darker intensity. While it is never an easy listen, it often feels necessary to wipe Lee Spielman's spittle from your cheek, such is No Peace's front row ferocity. Good luck unearthing a record that bristles with such glorious unrest all year.

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