Label: Jezus Factory Release date: 13/09/10 Link: Website Buy: Amazon True Bypass are ex-dEUS' Craig Ward and Chantal Acda (from Sleeping Dog and Chacda). They are also purveyors of very low-key, intimate music. Peaceful ditties, if you will. True Bypass, their self titled album, is extremely quiet, there's some piano from time to time, but it's mostly Ward's guitar (love the picking) and Chantal's dreamy voice. It's as introspective as they come, and although it can sound a little samey (although never boring) from time to time, there are some real gems. One of these gems is the piano driven 'Drawing the lines', a sweet, even romantic, moment. Again, Chantal Acda's voice deserves the major kudos in this great moment, as it is as ethereal as they come. Not inferring that Craig Ward's guitar playing skills doesn't get a moment to shine. He goes into some sweet stuff in 'For the life', in particular, the last 35 seconds or so. Goes to show that you don't need to play extremely fast to show your skills. He pulls a similarly cool arpeggio mpve in 'Love we are', another beautiful song. It is a short album (it's barely forty minutes), though it never overstays its welcome. Mixing is crisp, with little burying of instruments (although at times it seems to be done in purpose, just for dramatic effect) and can't help but feel that this is more of a “grower” of an album than a “first impression” type. Most of the songs are really quiet, very in the background, so if you're expecting any last minute jolts (there's percussion in only one song), you're in for a disappointment. However, if you want something really chilled out and down to earth (while still being dream like), check True Bypass' self titled album. Can't go wrong with a moment of peace in a world like this. Photobucket