On April 8th, indie-pop rockers, TUFT, released their debut LP, Look Look. The Los Angeles-based outfit used to be called Hi Ho Silver Ho. They ditched that old name, starting fresh with a renewed sound and spirit. Frontman Casey Trela met his bandmates Kevin Manwarren and Roxy Redulescu driving cross-country to Los Angeles from North Carolina. They joined him on his journey and the rest is history.

Album opener, 'Constant' starts with a gritty power chord pump and blossoms into a pulsing, feedback-laden song that oozes '90s heaviness. On it, Trela sings, "If you're not scared of dying/ what's the point of trying?" A mission statement for the band. 'What I Am Doing' proves the band's chops. It's sing-songy, harmony-heavy, and borrows some Caribbean grooves and horns. It is easily one of the strongest songs on the album. And the single, 'Stills' is just as catchy. There's handclaps, echoing guitars, and strong dynamics. But it is Trela's fractured vocals that lift the song.

Look Look is filled with garage-y guitars and smart pop hooks. I saw TUFT play on this past New Year's Eve and they bring the same energy to their performance as they do the album. Now, TUFT is still wet behind the ears. But Look Look proves they have drive and know-how to keep creating and honing.