There's an unmistakable rumble in Brighton tonight, like the start of a small earthquake is about to form. It's epicentre is The Haunt, a venue surely too small to contain the explosion of noise that Turbowolf are about to unleash into the fairly packed-out room, especially so for a Tuesday night. This may be the bands' first headline tour, but having hit the road with the likes of Pulled Apart By Horses, Korn and Andrew W.K (yup) over the past couple of years, it's fair to say they've had plenty of practise and learnt from the best. It's also been almost a year since their self-titled debut album was released, and whilst many tried and failed to categorize the band thanks to their heavy mix of influences, the confusion is happening all over again as the band have just released their EP Covers, which is, uh, covers, incase you didn't get that.

As the lights in The Haunt go down, one enormous Egyptian mummy head cover bears down on the stage and its white painted eyes stare out across the crowd. If it wasn't ominous enough, the guitars start to rumble and the feedback ensues before 'Introduction' starts as swiftly as a punch to the face (definitely a theme for this evening). "Yeah Brighton! Make some noise - Let's fucking do this!" might sound like a stereotypical cry from any rock act, but singer Chris Georgiadis is not your average frontman.

'Ancient Snake' has Georgiadis leaning over the audience with microphone outstretched as hardened fans rally below forming a mosh pit - there's even an incredibly brave (or stupid) fella in the middle of it all on crutches, no broken leg is stopping him. The first of the Covers EP makes an appearance in the form of Lightning Bolt's 'Captain Caveman', whilst following song 'Bag o' Bones' gets one of the loudest sing alongs of the night.

"This one's got a big fucking daddy of a rift" introduces 'A Rose From the Crows', before Georgiadis tells us "After this tour we're gonna go away and write. Then people will be like 'Where's Turbowolf? I can't remember if they're any good. And we'll be like, here you go. BOOM!." And so naturally this statement has to follow with a new song. Ballroom dancing is next on the agenda as we're told to "hold each other firmly and move around with intent" for 'Read + Write', though I'd say the majority of fans were more intent on climbing up onto the stage and chucking themselves off it.

Back to the covers, this time for Jefferson Airplane's 'Somebody to Love' much to the crowds enjoyment, and for our final song of the evening and one last chance for this very excitable crowd to go mental, is 'Lets Die'. The kids are climbing onto the stage, onto the sofas, onto any high-up available platform in order to hurl themselves off into the crowd - the best ones were not caught of course.

I have no idea why I left it so long before going to watch this band live - more fool I. They have the songs, and the attitude to pick you up, punch you in the face, and throw you back down again. I'm pretty sure no one is going to forget about this band whilst they bury themselves away recording, but either way they'll be back with more bite.