Those of you who are fans of Arrested Development will get the reference contained in the title of the new EP from Turnpike Glow, who, despite their name, don't hail from New Jersey, but instead got their start in Rome and are now based in London. One of the most outrageous characters in that show is Tobias Fünke, and they've taken the lead from the colourful cult programme and named their new four-tracker in honour of him.

There's just as much colour in their music. As you would expect from a quartet who aim to "trigger the audience's attention and make them wonder what the hell is going on," they're experts at thinking outside the box, and the follow-up to last year's Inflatable Optimism debut EP - boy, they really have a way with titles - finds the 'psychotropic pop' band rising to the challenge of bettering it, and creating an EP that contains enough positivity and melodic prettiness in 15 minutes to set you up for weeks.

Lead track 'Her Flaming Lips' was unveiled a while back (accompanied by a video that was bizarre and fascinating in equal measure and it's an ideal place to start on an EP that wears its heart on its sleeve - cheerful and uplifting, yet ensuring that the band push their own musical boundaries as well - kind of like how the Flaming Lips themselves used to do before Wayne Coyne and co. got overly serious, did a complete U-turn and produced The Terror earlier in the year.

They've been compared to that band before, but this time around, the comparisons definitely hold up. Turnpike Glow's sound is similarly widescreen and ambitious, moving off in different directions when it's least expected; yet it also possesses the perkiness of, say, early Two Door Cinema Club, or Vampire Weekend on uppers. 'Heels in Madrid' slows things down just a bit, as frontman Guiseppe La Mela's impressive voice helps the song to soar.

All four members of the band are quite clearly getting a great deal of enjoyment out of what they do, and this comes through most clearly on closing track 'A Sentimental Song', on which a busy and layered arrangement allows them to play to their strengths and produce the sort of song which is much bigger than the sum of its parts. There's quite a lot of this sun-kissed indie-pop around at the moment, and it takes more than just deft melodicism to stand out from the pack; their debut EP hinted at Turnpike Glow developing into a fine band sometime, and Fünke Pop confirms that they are indeed well on their way.

15 minutes may seem a little sparse, seeing as their debut EP was released 9 months ago, but it's the quality of the new material - and not the quantity - that helps it to make an impact. You won't hear these guys accused of being in a state of arrested development any time soon; they're sounding bigger and brighter than ever before.