Artist: UltCult EP: Demo Link: The label 'Lo-fi' is a strange one. Generally the label makes sense to me and to the bands it's branded upn but a lot of the time it seems like it's an excuse to make really bad music.  Thankfully UltCult know exactly what they're doing. The EP kicks off with 'Five Bedrooms and Two Lounges', which as openers go, is a damn good one and is probably my favourite of the four songs I'm presented with. The vocals of singer Lucille are so delicate and cute that you might want to squish her up a little and the way the band fits together is great. The next track, 'Kite Augen' is a bit of a let down though. It plods along without ever really going anywhere, not even the German numbering shout outs can save them here. The next track isn't a greal deal better but it's like what they say (somewhere!), start strong and end strong and that's exactly what they achieved with EP closer 'Odius Emporium'. If someone played to me the first 3 songs from this EP and asked me what decade this band came from I'd easily pin-point them. However, if they played me 'Odious Emporium' I'd probably edge towards saying the 60's, though I guess the drum machine gives it away a little!. It really is like finding an old Vinyl in a loft of some forgotten 60's band. Classic shimmery, lo-fi, do woopy esque pop song with the best lyrics of the entire EP. Not bad. Rating: 3.5/5