Venue: Captain’s Rest - Glasgow Support Bands: Penguins Kill Polarbears Date: 24/10/10 Every once in a while Glasgow has good weather. True, we get more than our fair share of the wet stuff known as rain usually, but every now and then Glasgow beams. It may feel barely above freezing, but the sun is most definitely shining – almost as if it knows something amazing is about to happen, and you can almost taste the anticipation and excitement in the crisp October air. Another thing that almost everybody knows is that the West End of Glasgow is where the cool people go, so it’s no surprise really, that on this particular night London quintet Union Sound Set could be found in The Captain’s Rest and are about to break the mould once more. As they take to the stage – the venue, roughly the same size as the average living room – the crowd is dwindling a little. It doesn’t appear to matter though, as Union Sound Set give their all from the start, flawlessly delivering the grand, bold and confident ‘My Current State’. The energy is unbelievable and the passion behind it is undeniable. Guitarist-vocalist Edd Simpson is positively bouncing, evidently barely able to contain himself. It would appear that no matter who turns out and how many there are, Union Sound Set are intent on giving the performance of their lives. Indeed, this is the best performance I’ve ever seen them play. They’ve certainly upped the ante this time and the difference in them within the last year is incredible. The vocals at the end of ‘My Current State’ leave you stunned – they really are breathtaking. The stage itself is tiny and Union Sound Set are almost in danger of injuring each other – each gives it everything they’ve got, filling the place with that gorgeous, full-bodied, rich sound that’s entirely their own. A sound this big needs the room to breathe and perhaps this time the venue is a little too small for that - bouncing back off the walls, serving only to stun you from all sides; there is literally no escaping it. Judging by those gathered it would seem that nobody really minds. ‘Years; Days; Months’ is something a little different in the delivery – it’s still as intense and powerful as the rest, but it’s definitely a much slower, more poignant offering. The real power here lies within the vocals, with two very different qualities at work; rich, warm tones mixed with lighter, far sweeter vocals in comparison and spotless harmonies. Union Sound Set really are in their element on stage and you soon feel as though their passion becomes your passion. One thing you soon learn about a band like Union Sound Set – never underestimate them. If you thought you had them sussed, think again. I for one cannot wait to hear what’s coming next.