The up and coming music scene has been transcending into a tangled up network, creating a faux genre with bedroom producers overpopulating the new music scene with their introverted instrumental pieces abundant with synths and distorted vocals.

Meet Unknown Mortal Orchestra, dragging the past kicking and screaming into 2011. Their S/T debut provides a much needed breath of fresh air and gives lo-fi production a good name. Armed with nostalgic guitar riffs and soulful drum beats, this debut effort shows that you don’t have to move forward to impress with your music.

‘Nerve Damage’ starts with a reverb heavy guitar solo then shows a more punk sensibility to the band with front man Ruban’s low growling and powerful guitar strumming reminiscent of the music scene in ’77. In contrast, ‘How Can U Luv Me’ provides a soulfully catchy tune that wouldn’t go amiss on a KFC advert. It’s almost as if the aim has been to pack as many past sounds in as a tribute to the music that has influenced and shaped many current bands, well it’s certainly worked.

Ruban and Co. successfully accomplish musical nostalgia and make it look effortless. Let’s hope Unknown Mortal Orchestra, along with others including blog favourite Gross Magic, jumpstart a refreshing scene in new music.