A hundred people or so take sanctuary from the novelty Guinness hats and bleary eyed crowds celebrating St Paddy's day on Old Street for the sweaty dark dank walls of Camp Basement. First on tonight, Northampton trio (but tonight a duo) Anguish Sandwich's send a ripple of about being a "poor man's White Stripes" across the crowd with their boy-girl duo set-up and over-reliance on distortion. Although, their drummer makes Meg White look like John Bonham in comparison what the band lack in technicality they make up for in hooks and a sheer enthusiasm. Their first song is a loveable fuggy ode to being in a basement reminiscent of early Weezer and the self declared "funk for funk's sake" shows that they're hopefully capable of greater things.

Nathan Hewitt's Cheatahs, are the most highly anticipated act of the evening having released some deliciously fuzz coated 7's on Young And Lost Club and Male Bonding's Paradise Vendors. So, it's disappointing that tonight backed by a full band he chooses to strip back the roughness to reveal an alien smooth acoustic gloss. Tracks like the usually outstanding 'Warrior' become a gooey-eyed ode to Bright Eyes that wouldn't be out of place soundtracking a heartbreak scene in 90210. Tonight, it's tempting to agree with Hewitts' MySpace moniker, "cheatahssuck."

The cross-breeding of Vivian Girls and Woods has produced the bouncing Babies. Here tonight, on the back of the Woods show at Shepherds Bush, the band is no way showing any lethargy for their first show on English shores. Playing the raucous Violent Femmes-alike sing-alongs of 'Meet Me In The City' and 'Breaking The Law', the band are more vibrant and fleshed out live taking the whimsical folk of Woods and the raw ragged edge of Vivian Girls. Standout track 'Wild Boy 2', from their self-titled debut album, becomes even more urgent and anguished as Cassie coos gentle harmonies to Morby's building desperation.

The crowd, bar one heckler dancing like your dad after one too many sherries complete in a full tweed romper-like suit, will the band on even going on to sing 'happy birthday' to Carrie who has just turned 25. Finishing with the hedonistic dumb punk of 'Personality', it's a shame that they'll have to eventually go back to their day job.