The debut EP from the Brighton-based trio, Us Baby Bear Bones, is a genre-bending dream that is definitely something to check out.

For something that clocks in at under 20 minutes, what starts with a U ends with an I sure covers a lot of ground. From the charmingly lo-fi sounding intro of 'Mountains', to the electro dream-pop of 'Sun' and even the unexpected clarinet solo in 'You', Us Baby Bear Bones have crafted an incredibly strong first release.

The often harmonizing vocal efforts of Puff Gandolfo and Daisy Emily Warne are ethereal throughout the EP while the driving beats and synths add a really interesting kick to the dream-pop style. This combination is mostly present on songs like 'Sun' that seem to become a kind of dance music that you can just as easily listen to alone. While there is definitely a lot going on here, the song never seems too cluttered - every aspect of the track is obviously very well thought out.

Tracks that do not feature these kinds of electronic beats like 'Rain' showcase the songwriting abilities of the group. The song asks some tough questions like "When does the truth become the truth?" that may not exactly have readily apparent answers, but that are interesting to consider.

'Swamp', the longest track on the EP, is similar to 'Rain' in that it features some of the strongest lyric writing the trio has to offer. However, what makes this song so great is the swirling backing vocals that create the most atmospheric moment on the entire release.

what starts with a U ends with an I makes it clear that Us Baby Bear Bones really know how to craft a song. Seeming to be just as influenced by more traditional dream-pop as they are by electronic music, the trio isn't entirely on either side but rather, something new altogether. You could put them in either category and they'd be sure to be among the most innovative regardless.

If Us Baby Bear Bones continue to release music of this quality, they'll be a group that we'll be talking about for a long time.