Patience is a virtue so they say, which would surely allow those who have been waiting with baited breath for the follow up to Johnny Jewel’s Italians Do It Better label's compilation album After Dark, (released way back in 2007) if not saint status at least a follow up record worth their long six year wait.

While devoted Italo-disco fans patience should be admired, in this scenario much of the praise should be aimed, at least vaguely, in the direction of Jewel. Although he talks of the past few years being a blur of art and parties, it would have been perfectly easy to have quickly hashed together a few more compilations showcasing Italians Do It Better in the intervening years. Since 2007 the sleek and clean electro mould that the label has become renowned for has reached new heights. With Jewel produced tracks featuring in a Hollywood movie no less, starring man of the moment Ryan Gosling (Drive for those dwelling on the moon) and the pinnacle; the sublime Chromatics LP Kill for Love which was almost universally lauded on its release last year. Electronic music is now a environment far more accustomed to the polished music that Jewel's label is responsible for, making this wait if not intentional, still somewhat of a masterstroke.

One can only instantly appreciate and admire the care, love and attention to detail that has gone in to curating this record. You imagine that even something as simple as the track order feels like it may have been tinkered with, chopped and changed for weeks until Jewel was happy with the flow of the record. Mere speculation of course but After Dark 2 possesses such charm that Jewel's meticulous dedication to his cause shines through. It also does a label sampler no harm whatsoever when your bands are capable of so many perfects moments as those littered throughout this record.

Naturally the label's two biggest exports Chromatics and Glass Candy feature heavily and it is the latter that get the album underway with their 2011 single 'Warm In The Winter'. It's completely joyful and euphoric; Ida No shouts and soars ecstatically over six minutes of relentless, pulsating, life enhancing synths, if there's ever a song to define Italians Do It Better, it's this. In an alternate universe it would be songs like Chromatics wonderful 'Cherry' sitting on top of singles charts for weeks at a time. They're capable of crafting laid-back, addictive pop like this in their sleep but it's as great as ever.

While Chromatics and Glass Candy are at least to some a known quantity, there is plenty elsewhere to admire. Desire's 'Tears From Heaven' take things in a more subtle and delicate direction but is equally as affecting. Twisted Wire's 'Half Lives' begins in 90s house manner before descending into a piece of dark and seedy funk. Yes it's as brilliant and bizarre as it sounds.

After Dark 2 is an incredible achievement, it has surpassed its superb predecessor dramatically and deserves to be lauded as a truly landmark electronic release. It's a rare thing among compilations of this fashion to find an LP where there isn't the odd dud, but After Dark 2 is a truly unique and eclectic collection, packed from start to finish with wonderfully, intimate and affecting moments. If it takes Johnny Jewel another ten years for After Dark 3, and it's this good, I promise I won't moan once.