It’s quite rare that dance compilations with disparate influences hold true as actual albums. There can be any number of floor fillers or amazing tunes on there, but with the best intentions the tracks won’t fit. When it works it’s fantastic (Hyperdub’s 5 years of) or just a succession of tracks one after the other (Hessle’s 116 and Rising). The latter is fine if just owning the tracks is the listener’s agenda, but it very rarely is.

And to be fair to R&S they’ve managed this approach fairly well. Despite opting to use the first disc as tracks off their biggest sellers, they’ve opted to show off their more experimental side. Opening gently with the already classicPariah’s ‘Safehouses’, an almost komische referencing track that ebbs and flows into itself before retching into action with Bullion’s Rivertrance mix of Model 500’s OFI they set out to show how far in front the label is.

And they do a damn fine job of it too. Through the rest of the opening disk they show exactly why they’re still number one in leftfield dance music. The particular highlights for me are the Lone track ‘Coreshine Voodoo’ which sounds like the late 90’s imagining a futuristic rave or the ever impressive Blawan’s ‘Bohla’ which is still one of the best tracks to come out this year let alone on this compilation.

I’m not going to say much about the second disc because it seems to me it seems like a ‘bonus disc’. There’s some good stuff on there (Oneohtrix Point Never’s edit of Pariah’s ‘Orpheus’) but it doesn’t work as a whole disc.

R&S have been around for a decent amount of time now, but are proving that despite how fast dance music changes, they can change with it. If there’s any doubt in that, just look at a compilation like this - they’re probably the only dance label from the 80’s still throwing out relevant and exciting music. An almost impossible achievement.