So, I’ll start this review by being pretty honest and frank. I’m not a particularly enthusiastic fan of hardcore, I’ve dabbled, but it’s never been my genre of choice, so I can’t really claim to have much experience and/or knowledge. But for the sake of writing an objective review, and after having trawled online to dig up some information on these guys, and a few weeks to get comfortable with their sound and ethos, I was pretty impressed by the generally floating positive consensus filling the blogosphere.

If the success of Veils’ last EP, Enlightenment Is Dead is anything to go by, there are high hopes for their newest release, Clarity, a five track debut EP of melodic, cathartic modern hardcore released with Tangled Talk Records. The album cover depicts an image of a lone deer startled in a stark snow covered landscape which sets the tone for the opening track, ‘Alone (Isolation)’. On pressing play for the first time, I took the place of that deer, comforted by a stillness which lasted merely a whisper, and then suddenly disorientated by the intruding ferocious lead vocals of Chlo Edwards.

The pace changes innumerably in the five piece record, sometimes brooding and thoughtful, sometimes relentless and frantic, creating a well rounded record bursting with energy. Relentlessly touring since their recent beginnings in March 2011, Veils are sure to promise a furiously energetic live performance, and Clarity seems to be perfectly transferable into a live setting.

While the production is clearly thought-out, and they successfully capture the essence of an emotional live performance, I can’t ignore that their lyrical philosophical musings don’t really push much past what we’ve all heard before in this genre as well as in many others. The record seems obsessed lyrically with self discovery, nature and the human condition. ‘Caves (Anxiety)’ seems to deal with these concepts in particular 'depth' - "we’re tempting this chaos just to find the beauty that’s within the whirlwinds of our minds. That spins with panic just until we find, just how, to find the peace inside." It’s all a bit emo for me. Or am I missing the point? What I can’t deny though, is the record’s emotional sincerity and melodic cohesion, and the trail of ringing feedback which is prominent throughout the entire record quietly closes the EP, with final track ‘Surrender (Clarity)’ bringing us back to the starkness and sparseness of the opening, transforming me again into the deer, that after a moment of raging interruption, quietly continues to graze.