Label: No Pain in Pop Release date: 14/06/10 Link: Myspace The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pixies, The Pastels, The Raveonettes and so on. If that's the sorta thing you're into then 'Beachy Head' will knock you out cold on the floor, your mother will have to revive you with a much-thumbed 1985 copy of Melody Maker. This is a thundering single that sounds like it was recorded in a church courtesy of some liberal free-thinking bishop. This is some irresistible faux-surf rock that although it isn't going to wow you with any musical innovation its still a fantastic pop song with a ridiculously catchy chorus. Its hard not to be impressed with this, even though its immediately noticeable for the resemblances to the aforementioned bands it transcends pastiche because of the precision and urgency of the music. Plainly, this is good enough to stand up on its own, regardless of principal influences. It feels less like imitation and more like a continuation, like Veronica Falls can be neatly slotted in towards the end of a grand scale listing every band of this style. Its really quite loud too, which is good. Photobucket