Release Date: Out Now Link: Label: Sub Pop Tight Knit is the fourth full length album from FolkPopRocksters Vetiver. They are signed to Sub Pop in the states and one of my favourite ever labels Fat Cat over here. That's usually a sign that they're good right? Well that's what I thought anyway. I had listened to a couple of their tracks from compilations over the years and thought they seemed fairly interesting. Definitely good musicians no disputing that much. I wasn't going to judge them on the fact that they've been involved with Devendra Banhart on and off, everyone makes mistakes and I knew they weren't as freaky folky as he. I actually wish they were now. My first impression of Tight Knit was how awfully dull it was. So very dull. The first song 'Rolling Sea' is quite nice I suppose, a dreamy acoustic guitar introduction that does give you a brief feeling that the sun may be shining outside. Unfortunately that nice feeling doesn't last much more than a minute as the feeling of staleness and lack of originality kicks in. I skipped through the tracks willing it to step up a bit and come up with something different or interesting. It never did. I heard inklings of quite a few 70's greats appearing throughout. Townes Van Zandt for instance comes through a lot. Trouble is, it's more like a carbon copy of this stuff then an influence and almost as if it's been unearthed from 30 odd years ago, dusted off and put on the shelves. What's the point? I'll just listen to the originals thanks. In contrast to the dullest songs ('Down from above' is one of many) where lead singer Andy Cabic sounds like he is drifting in an out of a bong induced coma, there are songs on there ('Everyday' for instance) where they summon some more energy and the result is pure Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson in the 1970's,  imagine that! It's horrifying. Vetiver aren't the first band around to 'borrow' a lot of style from this era but at least bands like Midlake, Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes etc. actually contain some emotion, some actual  feeling. After listening to Tight Knit I felt absolutely nothing, apart from mild irritation I suppose.' Easy Listening' is often a contradiction in terms and I think Tight Knit is a fine example of it. Looking through other reviews for this album, I think I may be on my own here, most of them are pretty good! One for instance described it as the perfect road trip album. I have to say, I think if I listened to this in the car it wouldn't be long before I drove head first into the nearest quarry I could find.