Words: Chris Smout

A chilly January night in Camden sees Hexstatic and Plaid join forces to assault both the eyes and ears of the Koko nightclub, with impressive live visuals in conjunction with electronic breaks and beats, alongside warm up support from Keep Up DJs to get things rolling with catchy, bouncy, bass-laden tracks and firm favourites from the Ninja Tune catalogue.

Hexstatic's new venture Holotronica is an attempt to develop his live performances by adding trippy 3D projections across the stage, together with new productions featuring lots of analogue synthesisers to début. On screen, strange Japanese neon signs strobe, a tube signal generator straight out of Tron is constructed, a visualisation of the notes played on an Arp Oddessey spins in mid air and a space station of moving geometric shapes flies around; all animating and moving in real time to pounding bass and electronic/house beats. The new music is great fare from Hexstatic and works well with the accompanying visuals (and perhaps the same is true as well), blurring the lines between artist and musician. Despite the weird feeling that comes from dancing in a club full of people wearing 3D goggles, the experience of putting the two together was excellent and well worth checking out again.

Following on from Holotronica's amazing visuals, Plaid had a hard act to follow with their own set, who paired their harder-edged techno and electronic offerings with equally busy projected visuals, featuring a swimming girl fighting an octopus, spinning line waveforms in space and weird electronic circuits shaped like bugs. Harsh, grimey drum sols and deep basslines pounded away with a mix of techno, dubstep and breakbeat tracks, providing a great follow on for the crowd who wanted something a bit harder to follow on from. Either Koko's sound system has been upgraded recently or theirs is much better suited for the kind of dance music that Plaid do so well, making the floor and walls shake from the vibrations.

For a night called Videocrash, Hexstatic and Plaid certainly delivered on the promise in taking live electronic music performances to the next dimension – quite literally! For new music and more, it's well worth catching a Holotronica gig near you soon.