Label: Domino Recording Company Release date: 19/03/10 Website: Myspace Listening to 'Becoming a Jackal', I am reminded of Rudyard Kipling's poem 'The Hyaenas'. One might argue, perhaps to the dismay of some Zoologists, that I've drawn the comparison simply because the two animals are so alike, but in actual fact, song and poem are united by their melancholic eeriness. It is a quality, which in Villagers' track creates a dreamlike feel that leads the listener, alongside a sneaking bass line, through a morphing soundscape. Sorrow is pounded into fear by militaristic drumming and then overcome by a swell of triumph. The whole process is oiled by Conor J. O'Brien's tristful vocals, which are a perfect compliment to (Or perfectly complimented by) the music around them. The Dubliner also possesses some lyrical talent, being able to combine words in ways that are simple yet highly evocative, such as, “your homely sense of disarray”. The single is taken from the bands debut album, also called Becoming a Jackal, released in late May. Photobucket