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Newly signed to ATP Recordings, Vision Fortune have taken the opportunity to totally shake up their sound. Previously partial to monotonous guitar compositions featuring rugged guitar stabs and jerky drum rhythms, this new release is a real departure from what fans may have come to expect. Putting themselves at risk of being sued for false advertising, Country Music is definitely not what it says on the tin. Kenny Rogers would probably take one listen to the experimental, minimalist techno on this album and use it for clay pigeon shooting practice, feed it to his horse, or do whatever country music millionaires do with music that scares the crap out of their conservative mindsets. Country Music is a leftfield exploration even by ATP's standards.

Taking heed from Liars' recent venture into electronic music, Vision Fortune immerse themselves in the dark underbelly of the genre. You would be forgiven for thinking that Country Music was created in some decrepit Soviet bunker in Eastern Europe, but that assumption couldn't be further from the truth. Located in an idyllic yet remote region of Tuscany, confined to an expansive country villa for two-months, Vision Fortune created this album in between sampling local gastronomic delicacies and horse-riding lessons. Sounds positively blissful. So why is Country Music such an abrasively bleak record?

In between these moments of rural bliss, they were physically and technologically confined when it came to writing and recording the album. The desire to experiment yet the limitations of their direct environment leads to Vision Fortune using the minimalism of country life to create an ambitious, minimalist record. Chiming silverware is used for percussion on tracks such as 'Dry Mouth' whilst 'Habitat' uses the acoustics of a well-stocked wine cellar to create Portishead levels of claustrophobic percussion. The vocals on tracks such as opener 'Blossom' and 'Broken Teeth' moan and drone in a way that is reminiscent of Sisterworld era Liars, yet with the sonic harshness of WIXIW, giving Country Music a veritably downbeat vibe.

The final track, 'Back Crawl II' is a homage to the duo's only viable form of emotional release available to them during recording, a swimming pool. Going from emotional confines of the body and the mind to diving into that beautiful Tuscan pool, 'Back Crawl II' is a sanguine, enveloping ambient end to the album.

Country Music is undoubtedly a taxing album. It was a challenge to record, and as a result it is a challenge to listen to. Any percussive grooves that surface fade as quickly as they arrive and synth textures warp into harsher frequencies, perforating any potential pleasure. Who knows what the next Vision Fortune album will sound like, they clearly have the propensity and ability to shift shape at will, but for now we should savour this strange, experiential shift to the leftfield.

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