Words by Cara Bermingham I actually got to the Freebutt early for once but we were enjoying the music in the bar upstairs so much (Black Sabbath) that I only got to catch approximately 45 seconds of the first band Esben and the Witch, but do you know what, it was pretty good actually! They had an owl and a lamppost on stage with them and the audience were really enjoying it. Not normally a first-band-on kind of atmosphere, so it looks like they already have a fair few followers and I will make a point of seeing them next time. The second support act Hind Ear (formally Revenge of Shinobe) have been doing the rounds for a while and have managed to morph from a Mogwai-esque Post Rock band into Adam and the Ants from space, via perhaps Africa, with a bit of Battles thrown in. Every song is a progression from the simplest single voice or beat into a completely heavy going layered stomping tune. It's hectic and it's got a groove to it and I really enjoyed it. The main act Volcano! were up next. They are a three piece from Chicago who are currently touring on the strength of their second album Paperwork. I haven’t really been in the mood to listen to any of their songs all the way through since I knew I was going to see them, so I did wonder whether I'd actually like them at all. As a band, they are entirely engaging and entirely bizarre. Their songs are full of some really great rocking moments interspersed with Zappa style weirdness. The sort where the audience don’t really know what to do with themselves and shift about a bit. Consistent time signatures are thrown out of the window - I mean who needs them nowadays! Volcano! much prefer strange electronic chainsaw noises and lots of stopping and starting again.  It was clear almost straight away that lead singer Aaron With is a complete lunatic, in fact I think all three band members are, but he certainly has the creepiest moustache I’ve seen in a while. I kept trying to catch the lyrics being sung as I have no doubt they were very funny, I definitely caught one bit about the aspartame content in Diet Coke. Rock on! At times I felt like I was witnessing a Rock Opera, apparently it’s called avant-rock (I know I know, I'm out of touch) and I really think you have to be in the right mood for it. I think I was, but I don't think my pals were at all. At one point the band tried to converse with the audience, asking us why we all ride little bikes and scooters around Brighton. I’m guessing this must be fascinating to people from the States as most vehicles are BIG over there. Anyway nobody answered so that went down like a sack of shite. Sometimes I'm a bit embarrased to be part of a British audience. The highlight (or weirdlight if you like) of the evening was a cover version of the Sam Cooke\Otis Redding classic ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’  in their own 'special' style....at this point my friends walked out to the bar in disgust. So, all in all a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining Sunday night and I would recommend them to one and all.