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Three albums in thirteen months is a huge ask for any band - but for Wand it seems like they're already ready for their fourth. Over the course of 'ganglion relief' and 'golem' they set out their prototype - picking up the sound that Black Sabbath and the likes made popular and sticking it out in the desert. The riffs were there, but they were given space; the proto metal was there but in distinctly blown out all American scenery. It's a killer sound that a band could forge a career on, but Wand have different ideas.

1000 Days almost sounds like a retrospective; the genres and styles bridged here feel like the best picks of a creative band over the course of five years - from the stuttering, Magazine checking 'Stolen Footsteps' to the psychedelic folk of the title track, to possibly one of the standout tracks of the year so far in the bizarre percussive zombie groove of 'Dovetail', this feels like a band overflowing with ideas in a productive way.

That's perhaps the only criticism of the album here - it feels like here there are three or four seeds to some really incredible albums that will never exist because they can't stay interested for long enough. An entire album that expands on 'Dovetail' would be phenomenal, and there's no question that they're capable of it, but it feels like they're already done with it. (For possibly the first time, I'd hugely appreciate self-indulgent expanded version of an album - the offcuts from this album must have been brilliant to leave this many incredible tracks.)

This is undoubtedly one of the albums of the year, possibly even surpassing Golem. And, at this rate, we'll have one even better by Christmas.

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