Previously part of both Test Icicles and Kasms, Rory Atwell has not shifted too far in terms of sound with his new project Warm Brains. On first listen, debut single ‘Old Volcanoes’ sounded like a lo-fi drone fest but after a few listens, it started to sound more epic and even slightly catchy. With grunge guitars and a mix of male/female vocals, you could be quick to say that they’re for fans of Sonic Youth and Yuck, you would be absolutely right. The cover for the album (also called Old Volcanoes) shows a picture of a volcano which has been coloured in with crayons, almost like a page in a colouring book. Although very obvious imagery for an album titled Old Volcanoes, the artwork compliments the music, rough around the edges but well thought out.

At points on the album, especially ‘Marble Arch’, it feels as if it has been improvised in places with lacklustre vocals and a chaotic explosion of guitars and drums meshing together. Warm Brains seem to be one of those bands that produce songs that either get it spot on or miss the mark. ‘This Salt Makes Me Sick’ brings the very best of heavy grunge inspired guitars and more energetic vocals, a highlight on Old Volcanoes.

You can hear elements of Kasms poke through on songs such as ‘Rotunda’ with a catchy twanging guitar riff but instead of harsh piercing vocals, we’re met with deep harmonies and aah’s that you’re guaranteed to be singing along to. ‘Hit The Floor’ brings a slightly more eccentric offering with a solemn start including an accordion and with ambiguous lyrics such as, ‘You change your smile like you change your attire’ you wonder what goes on in Atwell’s (warm) brain.

Although at times Old Volcanoes is slightly shaky, Warm Brains possess a certain charm which sets them apart from others trying to cash in on the recent popularity of Yuck. Warm Brains play live at their album launch at Camp Basement on 3rd August where Tom Vek and Male Bonding will be DJing, both of which Atwell has previously produced for.