'A trans-Pennine collaborative electro krautduo' isn't the most common phrase you're likely to read whilst skimming album review pages but that's precisely what we're talking about when it comes to Warm Digits. Andrew Hodson and Steve Jefferis operate between Newcastle and Manchester – as referenced in their wryly titled track 'Trans-Pennine Express' - since Hodson decided to make the move that little bit further south. Their debut LP Keep Warm... With The Warm Digits is a confusing listen at first, sounding like it was recorded by some giddy experimental band in the 70s whilst simultaneously retaining modern sounding dynamism.

'Weapons Destruction' is a glitch heavy, drums driven track which sounds like something out of old West Germany that John Peel would have championed. But Warm Digits manage to avoid creating a pastiche sound with beats and melodies that set them in a similar house as Holy Fuck.

While the album's lineage is deeply indebted to the likes of Neu!'s hypnotic repetition and experimentalism it doesn't try too hard to re-create its influences. Instead the northern duo inject a large dose of fun into the atmospherics as on 'Grapefruit' which has the most flagrant use of the cowbell your likely to hear this year.

Forming whilst both still inhabitants of Newcastle the pair have evolved from a techno-influenced laptop DJs into a textually aware couple providing a compelling modernity to the potential pitfall of krauty monotony. 'A Warm Front, Coming From The North' particularly exemplifies their laptop-DJ roots intertwining with the ever repetitive bass rhythm to soar elatedly of 70s Berlin.

"Machine funk kraut-a-delia, it's rather lovely" said seminal DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall of Warm Digits. And with support slots with the likes of Goblin and Modeselektor it appears that their 21st Century brand of krautrock has the potential to bring Britain's 70s German obsession back to the dancefloors.