What is it with band names containing the word ghost? A few years ago there was a influx of bands who simultaneously decided that the route to success was appending the word Wolf to their name. In 2001 it seems that ghost is the new wolf. American duo Warm Ghost are another to add to the growing list of ghost related bands and it's not just their name that lacks originality. Their new album, Narrows, is a collection of electronica that owes such a debt to The Human League (original vintage), Depeche Mode and Talk Talk that it's surprising the bailiffs haven't been knocking on their door. If it's true that talent imitates and genius steals then Warm Ghost should be expecting a knock on the door from the CIA very soon.

Frontman Paul Duncan has a background in sound design and, by the sound of the album, a record collection that starts with the early Kraftwerk releases and finishes around the time of the first Talk Talk album. Album opener 'G.T.W.S' has the cool, detached, industrial sound of the pre pop Human League while second track 'I Will Return' is the point at which Talk Talk and Depeche Mode meet. They don't just stick to the commercially successful electronic acts of the 80s for their inspiration, 'Marianna', for example, sounds like the grandchild of one of the most underrated artists of the early 80s, John Foxx. In the wrong hands this could end up as little more than a pale, washed out facsimile of the first great electronic era, fortunately with Warm Ghost we're not in the wrong hands.

Unlike many of their similarly monickered peers, the name Warm Ghost fits them perfectly. Narrows is haunting and atmospheric, yet there is a warmth to the music that humanises it. It is, however, just a little too in thrall to it's forefather and it can occasionally become a little too much like a game of spot the reference; oh that's a Human League vocal tick, ooh they've pressed a Depeche Mode button there. Despite these, minor, reservation Warm Ghost have delivered an album that almost stands up against the best of the era they seek to emulate.