Something about WATERS annoys me. I can't quite put my finger on it, making me somewhat useless as a music critic, but it's definitely there. Maybe it's the forced lo-fi aesthetic, distorted vocals warbling over loud crunchy guitars. Out In The Light fails to achieve the warm feeling of intimacy that a lo-fi record normally brings, ending up simply sounding a bit rubbish.

This is probably the records biggest stumbling block. The songs are fine, it's a standard indie-rock affair recalling maybe Jay Retard or The Hold Steady. The vocals aren't much to sing about, but I've not noticed them being jarringly bad at any point. There are some pretty nice hooks here, some fast paced guitar action and some okay drumming. The whole record has a scale to it that's fairly impressive, each song feels big and important in it's own way. However, there's not much that's really done exceptionally, or especially different to anything else. Out In The Light is derivative and particularly brash about it. So it seems all is well and good for me to happily call Out In The Light just another average indie-rock record to be thrown on the ignore pile. I think perhaps, had it sounded a bit better, and done away with the pretence of being a bit 'noise-rock', this could have been much better. These are perfectly good rock songs and the fuzz doesn't really add much to the whole affair.

In essence any ability of the album to be happily ignored, or to be good background music fails with the attempt to create noise. The album is simply too jarring to ignore and not really good enough to fully stand up when noticed. As such simply by having the music on the listener enters a state of boredom. Unable to go about his or her day to day business because WATERS are grabbing at their attention but completely uninterested in what the band are trying to show them. It's a genuinely struggle to make it through to the end of Out In The Light, and that's not really a good sign.