Label: Neapolitan Records Release date: Out Now! Website: Wave Machines aren’t your everyday band. Their unique brand of art-cum-electro-cum-folk pop, and peculiar on-stage attire, is luckily far less awful than it sounds. The nearest comparison would be to the lo-fi electro of Hot Chip and the experimental funk of Beck. Having recently returned from SXSW, Wave Machines have a busy gig schedule, making summer appearances at Glastonbury, Bestival and Electric Picnic. I would definitely recommend seeing them live, if nothing else then to see a group of grown men wearing masks of their own faces. The new single on the other hand is nothing short of a disappointment. It sounds like a perverse mixture of the Scissor Sisters and the Bee-Gee’s, which even despite the irony, is still pretty bad. ‘Keep the Lights On’ has a degree of sleezy funkiness, which unfortunately for Wave Machines, works on no level- there’s just no art in funk. The idiosyncratic falsetto vocals that work so well with their other art-folk efforts, just sound annoying and predictable with this new slick funk backing; which for a band that seems to envelop the antithesis of conventionality, is a great disappointment. This said, the more times I listen to the song, the more things I don’t hate about it. Despite me not being able to stand it, I simply can’t stop listening to it, with its nauseatingly catchy melody, novelty 80’s brass sounds. ‘Keep the Lights On’ is by no means the worst song I’ve heard, just easily the worst by Wave Machines. Perhaps it is simply an anticlimax following their last single - “The Greatest Escape We Ever Made” which is, undeniably, a great song. The current single is Lo-Fi funk-tackiness at its best (or should that be worst?) Do yourself a favour, ignore the single and wait for this album due in June. Rating: 5.5/10