Co-written with Anna Deutsch

Photo of Esteban's by Anna Deutsch

After the pretty wild venue-hopping of the previous night and a rather busy day spent in the Conference Center, the mutual consent for the Friday night is to take it easy on the shows. The Luxembourg / Austria showcase is the perfect opportunity to ease ourselves into the evening program, among the sparkling, ethereal music of Sun Glitters and the easy-going music of singer-songwriter Esteban's.

Esteban's @ Waves Festival, Vienna Day 2


Sun Glitters @ Waves Festival, Vienna Day 2

Sun Glitters

After that, it's time for Frostfelt's first ever Austrian show at Cafe Dogenhof: a late 19th century building constructed after the example of the Doge’s Palace with the St. Mark's Lion looking down from the façade. When we walk in, Líggjas Olsen is already sitting at his piano accompanied by his friend and partner in crime SAKARIS, with whom he already recorded his first EP I Have A Tv Set. In front of Venetian masks and under massive draped curtains, Líggjas tells us his stories about past loves and everyday situations with the humming coffee and the grumbling of one of the regulars in the background, who appears to be drunk enough to want to reward Olsen's live efforts with a 200 euro bill. From the organic, soft songs he performs solo on keys to the more textured, electronica tracks, Líggjas heads towards the high point of the show: a cover of Beck's 'Lost Cause' which is, if possible, better than the original.

Frostfelt @ Waves Festival, Vienna Day 2

From there, we head to the Danube Channel - the center of the Festival, where some of the boat venues are anchored. One of those, the MS Schlögen, is the setting for Sera Cahoone's show tonight; small and narrow, cosy and warm, it's quite perfect to accompany Sera's very classic, beautiful americana. The Colorado-hailing, Seattle-based singer who played with bands such as Carissa's Wierd and Band Of Horses before going solo mixes indie rock with folk tunes in an authentic and heartfelt way - intimate like a friend telling you about her bittersweet experiences in life while you're sitting on this boat, having a drink with her, along to Jason Kardong plucking his pedal steel guitar.

Sera Cahoone @ Waves Festival, Vienna Day 2

In some places, Team Me have already established an impressive fanbase over the past two years. In the world’s incredibly wide web, you might come across a 31 days Team Me Challenge on Tumblr or dedications to Simen Schikulski’s scarf. This is the Norwegian band’s second gig in Vienna, and although they start off with that glee and joyous energy they’re known and loved for, the audience feels quite reserved. It takes a while until their intense layered sounds, frenetic instrumental arrangements and euphoric celebrational performance infects also the back rows at Clubschiff. But as the end comes near, it seems like it would take only a couple of more symphonic tunes to turn the boat into a massive party with day-glo stickers, headbands, feathers and face paint. Saving the best for the last, Team Me finish their set with the catchy and bouncing 'With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have A Look At You Now' with vocal backup on the mic and megaphone from the front row.

Team Me @ Waves Festival, Vienna Day 2