Remember when you were younger, around the late 80's/early 90's I'm thinking, and computer technology retrospectively looked so unrefined and basic? Well, recall the joy as your old Sega Megadrive brought Sonic the Hedgehog to life, accompanied by those all too familiar electronic beeps, and you will get the basis for this, the first full length release from We are Enfant Terrible. These all too familiar electronic beats provide a somewhat comforting start, with tracks such as the opener 'Make you Laugh' sounding much more like a game of Space Invaders than the beginning of an album track. The only question is, is it too familiar?

The album unquestionably errs on the electronic side of its electro-indie pop genre. The tracks are awash with club heavy beats and computerised sounds; see 'Nectarine Dream' for the full heavy experience. But, whether they acknowledge it or not, other bands within that genre are easily identifiable; Crystal Castles feature throughout and the single track 'Filthy Love' could easily be in the Friendly Fires back catalogue. For some, this utilisation of already established and over used electronic cliches may be the reason for its appeal. It can be seen as a reward to the avid genre fan, who enjoys the familiarity of certain elements. However, as a casual listener, this proves to be a point of frustration. Without such clear and definable unique characteristics, the album runs the risk of getting lost within its own genre.

This is not to say that the album is a write off solely as a pastiche of its own kind. Whilst utilising the aforementioned cliches, the band do create something rather intriguing. The album flies at you from all angles, from the high energy 'Lobster Quadrille' to the vocal led 'Because of the Bees', displaying points where they have pushed to the edge of themselves. The single tracks, 'Filthy Love' and 'Wild Child', see them putting their own stamp upon a more commercial offering. Perhaps it is the vocal led nature of these tracks that make them more appealing, more recognisable as work by the band. Or perhaps it is that they conform more to what is expected from a single release, catchy hooks and identifiable signifiers. Whatever it is, these tracks are easily identifiable as singles, almost hitting you in the face when lay next to the album tracks. However, for a new album, it already feels dated. Like the years of the genre before have meant that this is normal, nothing groundbreaking or extraordinary within itself.

They cite themselves as "a French trio...who share a passion for fashion, video games." And this pretty much sums up the first full length release for the band. It feels incredibly image conscious, striving to attain the cool image that comes with the genre, and being French musicians. If you love your retro computer games, familiarity ensues. If electronic indie pop is your thing, then this is perfect for you. If you dabble, tread carefully.