The background to We Fell To Earth is a complicated one. To put it very, very briefly, the main two behind the project, Former U.N.K.L.E fill-in Richard File and Mark Lanegan's ex-wife Wendy Rae-Fowler, met by coincidence via Josh Homme. The result of this coming together is We Fell To Earth, a project already drawing in the plaudits. I said it was going to be brief. Whether they are only coming in because of the connections these two have though is quite possible. The dark, atmospheric electronica isn't without it's merits but it's not as “marvellous” as it's being made out to be. It's too easy to just switch off and let it go in one ear and straight out the other without ever troubling your attention span. The Double starts off like it could develop into something massive, instead it gets stuck within it's own rut and never even threatens to go anywhere. Careful What You wish for opens up with a sound exactly the same as that on 65daysofstatic's Don't Go Down To Sorrow and you'd think this is promising, but instead of erupting, it trickles over and puts everything out. Vocally, the self-titled album is straight from the moodiest part of the eighties and becomes a drone of someone who constantly needs to throw their fringe out of their face. We Fell To Earth somehow feels empty and is ultimately forgettable. The hype machine is still it's faltering self. There have been much better records this year that have had half the anticipation, and been twice as good. 4/10